Let us think if someone in fact really knows what is ethical fashion. The world famous Livia Firth, who is my idol, tries so hard to make the world better through ethical fashion. Here you can check her video 

Forbes Magazine however questions her campaign with a real and very strong argument, which is that people don't know what is ethical fashion.

I completely agree with both parts, but let's make it more clear and call it sustainable fashion, as the magazine writes. I don't think that lables like Made in China, Made in Italy, etc. are so important. In my opinion it is more important if the lable guarantees that the clothing is ethical, but I am sure that the wardrobe of most of you is full with cheap nature polluting polyester or with natural leather.

Oeko Tex provides statistics that only 37% of those who say that they are interested in certified garments really buy it. We need to make ethical fashion more popular and to think if we prefer to pay less for low quality clothes, polluting the planet, whose producers have been exploited or a little bit more for a quality garment, which is worth the money.

I personally choose and wear the second option. The choice is yours. I don't really believe that you want to wear inflamable plastic and contribute to the quicker world obliteration.

Livia Firth & Gisele Bundchen

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Author: Alexandra Yordanova

About: I am 13 years old and I have interest in Ethical Fashion. My friends and I have youtube channels and the first one is 303 Tuscans Ethical Fashion Junior and the other one is 303 Tuscans Ethical Fashion


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